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After a last-minute, absentee ballot submission from Mexico, Crafton Guitar Trio (CGT) drummer, simply and kindly known as Magee, is your featured artist. Local music culprits such as The Bats, The Crow Flies, and more recently the Sicks, might also vouch for the selection. Somehow scared straight, he is here to help you, man, by providing a firm, interwoven path through the long, strange guitar trip that is CGT. 

The intersection of psychedelic sensibility and power-laden guitar is a curiouser and curiouser place.  You see Eric Clapton.  Jack Bruce, too.  Jorma Kaukonen peers at George Harrison through the looking glass.  The Who plant flowers of rebellion.  Relax your mind and float downstream and find a later generation sprouting everything from danceable dreamscapes to metal-tinged nightmares.   Enter the kaleidoscope with Steve Heineman & Evan Knauer;  Crafton Guitar Trio;  Chasing the Sun; Action Frank and Herald’s Goose as the Crafton Cassette Club presents…

CCC Presents

THE BAND: Brian Swed, guitar; Peter Marie Daniels, percussion; Oskar Karst, guitar; Digby Swed, bass.

In many circles, the “p” in psychedelic stands for party. Action Frank emerges from its subterranean sound laboratory bearing libations from rock’s halcyon days. The Edgar Winter Group’s classic Frankenstein, selections from powerhouses like Bowie, Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Ween and more. Don’t be scared. Your ears aren’t hallucinating. It’s just time to take action.



THE BAND (from left): Pete Rauch, bass & vocals; Brooks Sharkins, guitar; Blake Meinhardt, guitar;  Brandon Kaltenbaugh, drums.

Unceremoniously upstaged by one whammy of a water main break at their last scheduled CCC performance,  Chasing the Sun rises again. When not storming stages from the best coast to Blawnox, these solar pursuers turn their foci to building pretty-damn-heavy, better-pay-attention sound apparatus. Turn on, tune in and drop and give me twenty. 




THE BAND (from left): Andrew Rauch , guitar, keyboards, vocals; Bill Miller, bass, vocals;  Kyle Wacker, guitar, vocals; Mark ‘Magee’ Miller, drums.

This trip the trio takes you on a winding trail of neuroplasticity. From the streets of NYC to distant, quiet shores. Across howling fields of battle to spaces of infinite white for you to color with memory. Take a toke on a few new numbers rolled by guitarist Kyle Wacker and enjoy standards from the now estimable CGT archive. As always, expect the unexpected. 





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about the show

Peace, Love & Power Chords is held at the private residence of Andrew and Laura Rauch, 309 Diana Drive in  Robinson Township.  They welcome you and your family – kids too –   to enjoy the music and each other in a peaceful and thoughtful way. Please keep the karma good and enjoy the evening. Much of the food and drink you may enjoy at the venue is provided by your fellow travelers. Feel encouraged to bring and share things you like to eat and things you like to drink. Thank you!

about the CCC

From its humble beginnings in Crafton Borough, Pennsylvania, the Crafton Cassette Club (CCC) has become an internationally recognized procurer, curator and distributor of what can be termed ‘important’ music.  Along with associates David McCormick and Andrew Rauch, Chairman Bill Miller has continually found new ways to celebrate and disseminate such music and related projects to enthusiastic audiences. Such is the case with the 'CCC presents...' concert series. It brings some of the most inventive and entertaining acts to your eyes and ears several times each year. 




chasing the suN

crafton guitar trio

steve heineman

& Evan KNauer



Steve Heineman returns with local legend Evan Knauer. Both founding members of the eclectic funk-rock-country band ATS, Steve and Evan will deliver a soulful acoustic performance using some mind-bending instrumentation that will bring you around to their way of thinking. 

guitar lessons with


Late at night. Let your hair down and listen in. Herald’s Goose mixes a wide variety of sounds and textures, including epic kazoo solos. These merry pranksters put the “ph” in phun and take you on tantalizing tour to an enlightened place where you will – at last – find your car keys.

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The Band: 

Caeden, guitar; Matt, keyboard, trumpet, electric triangle;



Pete, bass, trombone; 


saxophone, secretary of war



7 PM

herald’s goose